Inking the Jeff Way: Part 1 – Pencils to Blueline

Foreword: I have been inking comics for about 7 years mostly as a hobby, and as a way to be involved in the comic book production here at Albatross Comics. I am by no means a competent comic penciler, and, as others who work with Albatross know, writing is not something that comes easy for me. Oh Gad does it not come easy. So I went with inking seeing as who I was always good at reproducing images in my youth, and no, I didn’t trace that Spider-Man in 10th grade art Chris. I reproduced it. It’s always relatively easy to look at a drawing and recreate it at about 60-80% as good as the original…which for someone who wasn’t an artist and wanted to be, it was a good pride building exercise. Read more »

Making a Comic Book

Here is a brief look at the process of creating a comic book. Read more »

 Inking the Jeff Way: Part 2 – Tools of the Trade

By the end of this read my hope is that you know what tools are needed in order do some inking.  Read more »

Guilty Conscience

This is the debut comic from Alba­tross enter­tain­ment. A one shot detec­tive story.