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What is your “desert island” comic book or series? Also, what are your top desert island survival strategies?


At first I thought Planetary, which is a fine choice ‘cause it is loaded with content and fun to see the skewed ‘what if’ perspectives on pre-established molds. But then I thought the Earth X trilogy, because it is even more massive amounts of content and a dense read with the first part filled with John Paul Leon art. But then I bought a trade for five bucks, a trade I already owned all the single issues to: The Winter Men, by Brett Lewis and John Paul Leon. The main character wakes up drunk in a snow bank in Russia. His third spoken chunk of dialog is “What do you faggots want?” followed by “The Mayor needs you to settle something”, to which he responds “Tell the Mayor to fuck himself. Tell him I said it.” Meet Kris Kalenov. This is your main character. It is fantastic writing with fantastic art. Dense enough to read and re-read. Pretty enough to continuously look at. This is what I want with me on a desert isle…ideally with 186 Big Macs and plenty of vodka.

Which leads to question number two…

I’ll cut right to the final phases of my 74 point survival plan. Step 73: Eat a victory feast of sand and salt water while wearing my emergency jock strap made out of a coconut husk. Step 74: Rescued.


Without a doubt I will have to bring Wolverine: Old Man Logan. Why, you ask? How could you ask such a question? Two words: awe some. With the deep thought provoking and slightly insane scribblings of Millar and the unrivaled artistic detail of McNiven, this book should be a template from which future comics are based on. Don’t make Wolvy pop his claws. This is probably the closest a comic has ever come to bring me to tears (Issue 70). There are very few ways that Logan can be defeated but what happened to him was probably the worst strategy an enemy can concoct.

My desert island survival strategy would be as follows:

-Bring a copy of SIEGE (Bendis – Coipel) ‘cause I will need one of the pages to wipe my butt with. Just one page in particular…YOU DON’T JUST RIP A god IN HALF.

-Some lotion: No, no not for what you think. I will probably get really ashy.

-A volley ball: I hear they make excellent company.

-A toilet bowl: Only to make prison wine. I need to get my freak on somehow.

-A Swiss Army knife: Because Mcguyver had one.

-A machete: To create traps for any indigenous folk ‘cause I would like to try human meat once.

-Flint rock: To cook the meat. I am not a savage.


I find myself being able to read Umbrella Academy multiple times. I don’t mean to, it just happens. But if I was trapped on a desert island, I would pick an ongoing series. Then when the next issue is delivered, I would catch a ride home.

My survival strategies are simple. 1.) Don’t get stranded on a desert island. But if you do… 2.) Channel Bear Grylls. 3.) Contemplate all the lists you’ve ever made about crap you want with you on a desert island.


This question sucked. Just had to say it. A real jerk of a question to answer.

If I’ve gotta choose one, then its Y the Last Man. That book has a little bit of everything that I like about comics. Strong characters, drama, sci-fi, and art that I really appreciate on an inking level. From a literary viewpoint it’s one of the most well crafted and well thought out series to have ever been made. Many say that Watchmen is the best graphic novel, which is probably true, but there is something to be said about how long Y is and how well it all comes together at the end. I’ve read through it three times and it keeps giving me more in the way of depth and story, which I would really need while trapped on an island. None of it is filler and yet none of it feels forced. One of the all-time best endings as well.

Seriously though…I should get to bring at least four of my favs!

While stranded, I would act out the movie Gerry playing Matt Damon’s character…because he survives!!! Now you all have to watch it to see how! It’s a Gus Van Sant Film too!!! Bahahahaha! Enjoy his dialogue-free silence and the endless desert shots. Then about halfway through you will realize, “Matt lives and Casey Dies…I fuckin’ hate Jeff! I mean, Matt doesn’t even do anything to survive! He just lives a little longer than the other one! Gus you suck too! Though Elephant was decent, and Good Will Hunting.” Oh it’s gonna be perfect. Seriously though…go rent it. Good times…heh heh…Maybe I’m lying?

Guilty Conscience

This is the debut comic from Alba­tross enter­tain­ment. A one shot detec­tive story.