nolan nesbitt ArtistNolan: Deviant Gallery
A Non-Native American who has a keen ability to make people around him feel less popular. Among his likes are graphic design, babies he has created, Dogs I hope he didn’t create, art, getting married and trapping men in cages to knock them out. His Dislikes…nothing I have found he will admit too, however, he does cheat at freeze tag after dark.
Albatross Accomplishments: Pencils and graphic prep work on “Guilty Conscience”

Jeff Demars Writer, InkerJeff: Deviant Gallery
A relatively uncultured country kid who still gets uncomfortable passing people on the sidewalk alone,has had the same body weight since tenth grade and his crowning achievement is his ability to grow a beard. A clinical study has shown that 4 out of 5 people will forget the first time they met him.
Albatross Accomplishments: Writer and inker on “Guilty Conscience”

Chris Graunke Writer, ArtistChris: Deviant Gallery
People often times get caught up on the surface of this man. Why not? Cute, funny and sharp as a whip. I just dare you to dig deeper and see that this is a man of the utmost caliber. Extremely good at getting people to drive him places, can talk you out of doing a life long dream, and can even make you feel like it was your idea to buy him supper! A stand up guy who loves the classics.
Albatross Accomplishments: Cover Artist on “Guilty Conscience”

Chris MooseMoose:
Moose is a trained archaeologist. He combs the no-coast for items cast off into the vast abyss of forgetfulness. Moose has no right to be here, so he was voted off of the island first, thought to be the biggest threat. Albatross called him the next day to identify a rash and trap some food. It was poison ivy in a delicate position.
Albatross Accomplishments: Editor and Chief

Guilty Conscience

This is the debut comic from Alba­tross enter­tain­ment. A one shot detec­tive story.