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The Mariner

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23 February 2013 A.D.

Why am I not filthy rich?

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Why am I not filthy rich? I mean really rich. I should be rich enough to buy scientists to send me to and from the red planet of Mars on a regular basis. “Oh, I’m out of pizza rolls, time to pay my team of scientists to teleport me back to Earth.” By all accounts, I should be swimming in a vault of my wealth.

Here’s my logic.

My Borderlands 2 characters have 100 badass points for getting 3 million dollars. My Skyrim characters each have a house in all the nine holds of the Northern Province and can bribe their way out of any situation. I can’t even remember how much gold my undead warlock squirrels away deep in the banks of the Undercity. There are so many others. In all the videogames I play, I am stinking rich.

So why doesn’t the real life me have trillions?

I know that when I go over to someone’s house, I can’t just take their valuable trinkets off of the shelves and over to the nearest pawn shop. So that’s part of it, my damn moral compass. What about questing? My daily activities could be viewed as quests. Right now, as I’m writing this, I am also doing the laundry. It’s a minor task that results in clean cloths, but where is my reward? Where is my three silver or new leather bracers? All right, so laundry is a menial task. Last year I helped a professor chop up a rotted buffalo carcass to harvest its bones (for soup, turned out nice). It was a big project that took several hours and was very difficult. Oh yeah, and it stunk. Some of the “meat” had the same consistency as guacamole. Or does guacamole have the same consistency as some of the meat. Whatever, no new knife, no new sword or no new shotgun from Moxxi. Even my larger “quests” rarely turn up the loot I’d like to see. So along with the stealing, the questing is out too.

I pitched this idea about why I don’t have cash in the real world versus my videogame character to a person much smarter than myself. She said the reason my characters have money is that there is no videogame for my characters to play. Basically, my undead warlock isn’t wasting time playing videogames; he’s working at being a warlock.

Son of a bitch. I can’t steal, my quests only return my own personal well being, and the characters I play aren’t wasting time playing videogames. Dammit (or is it damnit?). Whatever.



20 January 2013 A.D.

Comic Book Cover (Concept)

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Comic Cover Concept

Comic Cover Concept

Inking the Jeff Way: Part 1 – Pencils to Blueline

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Foreword: I have been inking comics for about 7 years mostly as a hobby, and as a way to be involved

in the comic book production here at Albatross Comics. I am by no means a competent comic penciler,

and, as others who work with Albatross know, writing is not something that comes easy for me. Oh Gad

does it not come easy. So I went with inking seeing as who I was always good at reproducing images

in my youth, and no, I didn’t trace that Spider-Man in 10th grade art Chris. I reproduced it. It’s always

relatively easy to look at a drawing and recreate it at about 60-80% as good as the original…which for

someone who wasn’t an artist and wanted to be, it was a good pride building exercise. Read more »

Spring Con

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Albatross Entertainment will be in attendance for SpringCon.

Spring Con

The Mariner

Dec 16, 2011   //   by Chris   //   Blog, Comics  //  No Comments

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art, but in the art world, that degree is only worth as much as the paper it’s printed on after you draw something on it. There are no guarantees.

That twisted cliché is what runs through my head as I put .5mm mechanical pencil to Canson brand comic book art board. Page 1, panel 3, of my first issue of the Tales of the Mariner series, The Demon Purse. Wait…panel 3, that’s a bit of an odd place to start?

Nope. It aint. Not at all.

The Mariner sits at the bar, cradling a shot of rum. Nobody sits near him, his slouched posture, his ratted gray mane, his odd dress. His shabby exterior does not invite guests in this crowded establishment. He does not belong. The bar buzzes with tales from the mundane to the magnificent and he merely listens. A witness, an observer, a consumer from his bar stool as the crowd around him continues their entertaining chatter. They tell their tales. Tales of humor, tales of violence, tales of debauchery. Tales of triumph. Tales of failure. Tales of the shared human experience. Tales that invite others to listen. Tales that engage. Tales that repulse. Tales to entertain any who would listen.

And he does, he listens. There are countless stories to be told. Each offers its own vantage point. Each offers its own perspective. Each has merit, but not necessarily an audience. Tell the right tale to the wrong individual and it falls on deaf ears. Tell the wrong tale to the right individual and interest fades. It’s a roll of the dice, but stories are made to be told.

And in the next panel, the Mariner takes his shot.

And in the next, he stands to find his audience.

That is how it begins.

Pencil to paper. Page 1 panel 3.

And rightly so…




Tales of the Mariner: An Overhead View: Part 1

Dec 7, 2011   //   by Jeff   //   Blog, Comics  //  No Comments

When the idea of the Mariner was first described to me by Chris (Co-President…try to keep up), I almost instantly thought of a memory from when I was first able to drink legally. Before I get to that I need to explain a little bit about what drinking meant to me in when I turned 21. See, like most at that age, I got rather excited about drinking, but what I feel set me apart was the excitement was usually for the setting not the inebriation. Of course the result was the same, but somehow different intent gave me an extremely unearned sense of self-worth. I didn’t drink to get drunk, oh no, I drank to experience the live action equivalence of all that music, movies and comics had taught me; in the right setting, booze = tales for the ages.

The memory that particularly stood out happened while in this phase. I asked to help move a family member to South Dakota, then an image of me sitting at a rundown bar listening to an old rundown man tell some amazing tale flashed into my head. I declared that I would only help if such a scene would be a possibility along the way. I received a semi-confident confirmation that it was a possibility, so we were off. For 5 hours I pondered what tales I would hear. Maybe he was a FBI agent from the 50s who could shed confidential secrets about the gangs of old. Or possibly he was a retired jewel thief waiting decades to dig up hidden scores. Would it be possible that he was a fucking cosmonaut? I don’t know! Shit, I even thought maybe he could be all three!

That evening, after the move was complete, I found myself walking into a rundown bar located in a town comprised of a grain mill and a 2 story apartment building. There at the bar sat an old rundown man. I had my setting and if I played this right I would have a tale for the ages. I walked up to him and sat down. When I looked over to him I saw something I couldn’t comprehend…a sign that said “Incredible Hulk Shots $2.” I turned to the Bartender and ordered two, then got shit faced drunk with my brother while trying to play $5 worth of darts. Word to the wise…$5 in darts takes forever.

So, how does this relate to the new comic Albatross Comics is putting out called “Tales of the Mariner”? For me this book is gonna be every story that man would have said had I not been tempted by Comic Book themed shots. The only difference is there will be far fewer slurred words and way less disappointment.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Halloween

Oct 31, 2011   //   by Jeff   //   Blog, Events  //  No Comments

Happy Halloween from the Hulk



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